Hardware + software for power solutions: concept, design and engineering

Our experience is your solution. Power technology for electronic equipment. L&F designs hardware and software using the best innovation when voltage and frequency reach the highest degree. We provide high reliable solutions employing fast microprocessor control techniques. The complexity and the fast response of the feedback regulation are managed by the software algorithms. L&F is specialized in modular equipment, allowing to share the power for flexible and high reliable systems. All L&F realizations are remote-controlled using communication networks. Operator oriented interfaces are designed to allow a friendly system management.



Power electronics makes the world go round! New technologies and new techniques are now available to allow innovative-concept-based applications  to offer the best features. The L&F knowledge is ready to support innovative realizations.



The power requires a fast and ever awake brain to be controlled. Specific hardware and real-time software are fundamental for a continuous and accurate power management. L&F technical skills ease the microprocessor implementation for a high efficiency power control.



L&F is experienced in modular power units, that cooperate together to provide the amount of power needed by the system. A precise synchronization between power modules is reached by high speed communication channels and optimized software techniques.



World wide experience with ADB – airfield solutions – L&F is working with ADB R&D department to design and develop a new concept electronic power circuits for airfield lighting. More than12 years of cooperation allow ADB and L&F to synchronize our efforts for the best results. In particular: high frequency switching technologies and high speed uP control technics is the surplus value added by L&F.

News & Events

Modular concept power supply is now working.
2 October , 2013

A 10kW power supply is now working in the L&F laboratory in Milan. This equipment is realized with two 5kW […]

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5kW high voltage power supply.
12 July , 2013

A 5kW high voltage power supply unit prototype is ready for the validation tests. This power supply is able to […]

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New 5kW quasi-resonant converter.
20 January , 2013

A new quasi-resonant LLC 5kW converter is under test in L&F. The power circuit work around 45kHz and is fully […]

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